About us

Down Syndrome Education USA is a leading nonprofit dedicated to improving education for children with Down syndrome.

"The charity has had a profound impact on the Down syndrome research and practise community for the past three decades. It combines a scientifically grounded approach to educating individuals with Down syndrome with a passion for improving the life of each child." (Professor Deborah Fidler, Colorado State University, USA)

Every child deserves a good education - one that welcomes them as a valued member of their community and recognizes their individual learning needs and their particular strengths.

Children with Down syndrome experience a variety of delays and difficulties that affect many areas of development. Research is steadily improving our understanding of these challenges. It is also helping us to identify more effective teaching approaches.

Our purpose

Our vision is successful education for all children with Down syndrome. We want every child with Down syndrome to have every opportunity to achieve their individual potential and to live more fulfilling and rewarding lives.

Our mission is to improve developmental and educational outcomes for children with Down syndrome. We focus on delivering measurable improvements in speech and language, reading and literacy, and number and math skills, memory and cognition, social development and educational attainment.

Our activities

Our scientific research advances understanding of the children’s development and learning difficulties and evaluates new teaching approaches. Our services and our specialist resources empower families, teachers and therapists with the knowledge and tools needed to offer children with Down syndrome highly effective support.

Our impact

By advancing evidence-based practise, we leverage substantial public and nonprofit sector investments in early intervention and education services. Each year, we help over 70,000 families, teachers, therapists, schools, non-profit and government service providers to provide more effective support to young people with Down syndrome.


Down Syndrome Education USA is an independent nonprofit organization, incorporated in California and exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. It was founded in 2008 to work alongside Down Syndrome Education International.